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We're proud to be celebrating our 105th season in Siouxland. We know the Sioux City Symphony Ochestra wouldn't be what it is today without all of the support from the community.

Financial Support

The Symphony can't survive on ticket sales alone. The generous support from our sponsors, large donors, and the community at large help underwrite the music, education efforts, and community outreach.


It takes an army to keep the symphony running, and keep our performances moving. From event volunteers, to educator partners, to our board of directors. If you'd like to volunteer with the symphony, get in touch!

Education outreach

A large part of our mission is promoting music and the arts to young people. Our partnerships with local teachers and schools provide a tremendous opportunity to help students explore the symphony, a new instrument, or music in general.

Our Community

Sioux City is our home. We love it so much we put it right there in our name! We've said it a million times, but it's worth repeating that we wouldn't be here without the tremendous support of the community.

We're proud of the broad economic impact the Symphony has on the community at large. Learn more about how we help make Siouxland a great place to live!




SCSO Live is the live streaming app for the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra in Sioux City, Iowa. Watch live performances of our upcoming season, view EXCLUSIVE streaming only content and bonus videos, and learn more about music from our musicians and educators!

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About Us

It takes a proverbial village behind the scenes and on stage to keep the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra running smoothly. From the musicians to our Musical Director, and the staff behind the scenes, our guest artists and board of directors. Learn more about the people of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra.