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We are always looking for a few good people who are passionate about the SCSO, our region’s most vibrant and innovative professional orchestra!!

The Sioux City Symphony is looking for devoted individuals willing to volunteer to help us out at our performances and special events. Opportunities include:

• Sharing your expertise on committees
• Helping with our fundraising
• Distributing SCSO material
• Hosting an SCSO Fundraising event in your home
• Volunteering for special events/projects

We invite all of our supporters to share their enthusiasm for the orchestra and invite family and friends to concerts and special events!

For general information on how to volunteer for your SCSO, please call the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra offices and ask about upcoming opportunities.

If you are emailing us, please include “Volunteer” in the subject line. A representative of the SCSO will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support!




SCSO Live is the live streaming app for the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra in Sioux City, Iowa. Watch live performances of our upcoming season, view EXCLUSIVE streaming only content and bonus videos, and learn more about music from our musicians and educators!

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It takes a proverbial village behind the scenes and on stage to keep the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra running smoothly. From the musicians to our Musical Director, and the staff behind the scenes, our guest artists and board of directors. Learn more about the people of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra.