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Often, those who are new to the Symphony are uncomfortable about attending concerts because they don’t know what to expect in terms of concert etiquette, and they may have heard that it is kind of “stuffy” with lots of rules. Relax!

The Symphony isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Use the tips on this page as a starting point to help you fully experience the superb live performances by the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra, whether it is your first time attending a concert or you are a seasoned concert-goer!

Symphony 101

You don’t need to know anything about classical music to enjoy yourself and appreciate the music and musicians. If you want to learn about the music before you hear it, we offer Pre-Concert talks free of charge before the classical programs.

Traditionally, Pre-Concert Talks begin at 6:45 pm and focus on the music you are about to hear, the composers and the impact this music has had historically.

We also include notes about the program in advance on our website and in our Program Book to inform our audience about the music being performed.

Typically, ticket prices can vary depending on where you want to sit in the Orpheum Theatre. We have several different price points, and we invite you to check those out on our website.

For ALL details about Season Subscriptions and tickets, please call our Symphony Offices at (712) 277-2111

Typically, concert lengths can vary, depending on what is being performed and how long each work is, but are generally in the 2-hour range, including an intermission. 

In the early days of classical music, audiences were a little more boisterous - a lot more clapping, talking, etc. More like being at a rock concert, except before rock music even existed.

Then in the early 20th Century, this began to change, and the new normal was to wait until the very end of a piece of music to clap, never between movements. The problem is that not everyone knows about this unwritten rule, and so there is usually someone who finds themselves feeling awkward after the first movement of a piece because no one else is clapping.

The truth? If you feel moved to clap, then feel free to do so. Nobody on the stage is going to glare at you or try to make you feel bad. They're probably going to be quite pleased to hear that you are enjoying the performance!

First and foremost, we want you to feel comfortable. We don't have a dress code, so do what feels right for you. If you love a good excuse to dress to the nines, go for it. We promise you won't be the only one dressed up. Or if you would prefer to keep it more casual, we can also promise you won't be the only one dressed casually.

We are simply happy to have you join us and hope you have an incredible concert experience; your concert attire doesn't matter.

You are welcome to take pictures in the Orpheum Theatre before the concert begins, at intermission, and after the concert has ended, just not during the performance. If you get a good shot and want to post it, don't forget to tag us in it too. We'd love to see it!

The use of cameras, smartphones, and/or other recording devices for commercial reproduction or sale is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra.

We LOVE it when people have fun and share their Symphony experiences with others!

So go ahead and check in on Facebook, Tweet about being at the concert, take a selfie and post it on Instagram if that's your thing.

The only thing we ask is that you make sure your phone is silent when the music is happening out of consideration for the orchestra, guest artists, and your fellow audience members.

Also, be aware that the glare from your smart phone or smart watch can shine on those behind you if you check them during the show. Setting your smart watch to "theater mode" is highly recommended!

One last thing—don’t forget to tag us when you post! #siouxcitysymphonyorchestra

Typically, the Orpheum Theatre has several bars open pre-concert, during intermission, and Momo’s Bar remains available for post-concert drinks and receptions.