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symphony 101

Your Visit

We want your experience at a live performance of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra to be the best it can be!

We've put together some information that will help you think about considerations before you arrive, while you're here, and while en route to the performance.

Before You Get Here


You’ve purchased tickets and you’re ready for the show! But wait! You have questions. Is there a dress code? Can I bring food or beverages? Are there places to eat or drink before the show?

Don’t worry! We have you covered. We try to answer all of your questions here.

While You're Here


You’re at the symphony but you have questions. We understand. Customs change over time, like clapping. When do I clap? No worries! We have answers for you.

Take a look at our FAQs to understand how we approach performances and etiquette while you’re enjoying a live performance.

Getting here


Whether you’re local or coming in from out of town, it’s helpful to have some details on getting to the Orpheum Theatre for a performance. 

We’ve got basic driving directions for you, as well as information on where to park and how to get to the theatre after you park. Take a look to help you arrive on time!

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